• Future Projects

    Exclusive project for street children

    Unfair social structure, natural disasters, domestic violence, and lack of a social security system in Nepal predispose the children and women very vulnerable. This situation was further aggravated during the decade long Maoist insurgency as children and young people were forced to join in the rebel forces. The conflict between the rebels and the security forces took the lives of thirteen thousand Nepalis, many children and young people among them. Hundreds of children became orphaned and wives widowed. This added a substantial number to the already crowded streets and pavements of Kathmandu. Many of them became ill and died in the street because of the lack of nutritious food and medical treatment. Most of those who survive succumbed to using drugs and many tuned into criminals. Very few of them have found opportunities to live a life as an ordinary citizen. Although Maoist insurgency has come to an end giving way to peace, the time is not ripe yet for many people to resettle in their own village. In the case of the street children, the chances of going back to their village and restarting their old life are very low.

    There are a number of international charities in Nepal working for the benefits of the street children. Of late most of them seem to focus more in creating awareness in the society and lobbying with the government, unfortunately leaving the children vulnerable while millions are spent on media and publicity for awareness. Sarita’s Safe Heaven not only joins these charities in their efforts as this may be helpful in the long run but it also takes the current plight of the street children into consideration and makes every possible effort to extend all possible help to them.

    Funding and estimated cost of project

    The biggest challenge in running this project in raising the necessary funds to implement these activities. As  Sarita’s Safe Heaven does not have a consistent, steady source of funds, we are completely dependent on sponsors like you to finance these projects. As a sponsor you can contribute in a number of ways:

    Making o one time lump sum contribution and then making further contributions whenever possible. You will receive periodic reports on the child’s progress along with photographs. Making any contributions in cash or in kind, especially providing any supplies which may be of benefit to the children or their mothers. Contributions in kind can be sent to Sarita’s Safe Heaven where they will then be distributed.