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  • About Us

    Sarita’s Safe Heaven is a Not-Profit community organization that provides a home for children who are orphans or whose parents are unable to take care of them. The organization also helps local Nepali women learn English and other skills that will help them in everyday life. Sarita runs the orphanage acting like a mother to children and dealing with their day to day needs.

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  • Vision

    CMBS seeks a pleasant and self-reliant society in which all people live in dignity and prosperity.

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  • Mission

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  • Goal

    1. Running orphanages, schools, hostels and child care centers in various parts f the country. Basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education at such facilities will be entirely taken of care by Sarita’s Safe Heaven.
    2. Launching special initiatives and projects for underprivileged girls, orphans and displaces children from the poor and scheduled castes families (dalit).
    3. Providing awareness campaigns to educate the parents of poor children.

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  • Objectives

    1. To improve food and nutritional security and increase incomes of rural households.
    2. To develop and validate agricultural technologies using participatory research and development approaches.
    3. To raise awareness and build the technical and managerial capacity of women and disadvantaged communities.
    4. To facilitate rural communities...

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Events and Activities

  • Nepalese Volunteer Feeding the children

    September 30, 2012

    Nepalese Volunteer feed the children and provides them cloth for their prosperous life.

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  • Volunteer Celebration with children

    September 29, 2012

    CMBS'S DAY, celebration was held with various programs from 1-20 September 2012.  On 1st September 2012, Mr. David playing with children.CMBS’

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